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How to Enjoy your Japan Getaway

Posted on 16 February 2020 by admin (0)

When you arrive in Japan you would wish you have a year to tour around this wonderful city. Japan is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions it is impossible to cover everything in a short time.  However, if you are here for only a couple days you can still make your Japan trip memorable. Read through this article and learn some trips when traveling to Japan.

Take the international flight instead of domestic flight. 

The latter have better and cozier seats, and their personal TVs feature Japan documentaries that you can watch while travelling. Most of the tourists coming from the western countries experience jet lag – you can just imagine flying for roughly 13 hours. Having a comfortable flight can take off all your anxiety and prevent major jet lags allowing you to utilize the rest of the time you have after arriving in Japan.

Ride the subway train.

If you want to tour around Tokyo, the cheapest and easiest way to do it is to ride the subway train. The subway fare is roughly $2 which is extremely cheap if you compare it to getting a JR line pass for about $250. We suggest that you only get the JR line pass if you plan on leaving Tokyo and exploring other cities.

Always bring cash.

Almost every transaction in Japan is cash-based so make sure you bring extra cash other than your credit cards. Fast foods like McDonalds and other restaurants do not accept credit cards.  So if you don’t want to go hungry in this city, make sure you have some bills and coins in your pocket to pay for your food, including other basic needs.

If you want a great breakfast, try the convenience stores!

If you are not satisfied with the breakfast the hotel is serving you, there are a lot of convenience stores located around the city. You can grab nutritious meals for as low as $5 like a sweet melon and jam bread and hot cocoa. Their convenience stores are also clean, especially the comfort rooms.

Make sure you have access to the internet.

Not everyone in Japan is fluent in English so make sure you have your internet ready to translate English to Japanese or vice-versa.  Also make sure you have all the essential applications that will help with your journey like Google Maps and Yen to USD converter.

Overall Japan is a wonderful place to visit.

Aside from the amazing culture, the people here are very creative, hospitable, and honest. Despite the crowd, someone will still poke your back to say that you accidentally dropped some coins.  We hope that these tips will help make your Japan trip wholesome.