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Try This Food When You Reach Malta

Posted on 05 November 2020 by marycimeni (0)

Are you curious about the food in Malta? Well, just sit back and relax because today we are going to discuss the best foods you should try when arriving in Malta.

Before we start, Maltese food is famous for being new and loaded with flavor. Having lived in Malta for a couple of years at this point, I have come to value the impacts which Maltese food has from other European and North African nations. In any case, Maltese dishes utilize the most promptly accessible nearby fixings, giving them an extraordinary and particular flavor that you won’t have the option to discover anywhere else. So book your trips to Malta and make certain to attempt these best 5 appetizing Maltese nourishments on your next outing! 

Stuffat tal-Fenek 

Stuffat tal-fenek, or hare stew, is one of the most famous approaches to cook bunny meat in Malta. The stew is cooked gradually, over around 2 hours, so as to draw out all the rich flavors. The stew is tomato-based, and incorporates promptly accessible nearby vegetables, for example, onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, and obviously heaps of delectable Maltese tomatoes! Local people routinely appreciate a fenkata, or ‘Maltese hare evenings’, where they meet up to eat and celebrate. A fenkata would typically start with a starter of Maltese water scones with bigilla, or crushed beans, trailed by a plate of spaghetti with a rich hare sauce. 

Torta tal-Lampuki 

Being an island encircled by the ocean, it bodes well for the Maltese to utilize fish in an assortment of their dishes. Torta tal-lampuki is a pie made out of the fish known as the ‘mahi-mahi’, or the normal dolphinfish. These fish move past the Maltese islands from the finish of August until around November. The new fish are gotten promptly toward the beginning of the day and are shipped to the fish market in Valletta on non-weekend days. 


Timpana is a prepared macaroni dish. The macaroni are cooked in a sauce made with minced meat, tomatoes, onion, garlic and cheddar. A few people pick to include bacon and hard-bubbled egg to the sauce, with some going considerably further and including chicken liver or calf minds to the formula. The macaroni is then heated in a baked good case, bringing about a rich and filling pasta dish that leaves everybody requesting more! 


Obviously, you can’t visit Malta and not attempt one of the most well known snacks on the islands – pastizzi. These warm, exquisite cakes are customarily made out of filo baked good or puff cake and are loaded up with either warm ricotta cheddar ‘tal-irkotta’ or soft peas ‘tal-piżelli’. They are modest, delectable and addictive, with pastizzerias discovered everywhere on the island. Pastizzi are famous snacks whenever of day, throughout the entire year and taste extraordinary with a virus glass of Kinnie, Malta’s own soda which has a self-contradicting taste.