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Explore the Canadian Rockies

Posted on 22 April 2018 by admin (0)

Have you been wondering how to plan your trip to the Canadian Rockies? A bit confused and overwhelmed? Or even planning to backpack on a low budget, road tripping, camping etc.?

We’ve worked hard to make this guide help you through planning, so you can have the best Canadian Rockies experience you’ve been dreaming about.

When is the best time to visit the Canadian Rockies?

If you are planning to visit Canada particularly for the purpose of exploring the scenery and hiking, the best time for you to visit is mid-June through mid-September. The Canadian hiking season is really short. If you intend to come earlier than June, you should probably reconsider your travelling plans.

In summer, some places may be extremely crowded and if you have plans to stay in hotels, most of your accommodation options that will be booked out already. So, you should consider booking an accommodation about six months before your trip.

The shoulder season seems to be the best time to travel, which is from mid-September through mid-October.

How long should I plan the trip for?

How long you want to stay is really up to you, even though it depends on the activities you intend to partake in. normally, two weeks is enough though. You’ll have enough time to explore most of the beautiful places without rushing.

Where should I start?

If you really want to explore the Canadian Rockies, the best way to do it is by flying to Calgary. It takes only about 1hr to drive to the mountains from Calgary. Calgary is also a really good place to rent s RV or car; food is also cheaper here than buying in the mountains. Flying to Edmonton, Kelowna or Vancouver is also another option, but Calgary is really the place to begin your trip.

How much should I budget?

This can be a little tricky. It actually depends whether you intend to hitchhike or rent a campervan, camping or sleeping in a five-star hotel, dine out in fancy restaurants or eat noodles every day.

How to get around…

If you really want to enjoy and have fun with your vacation, you should get a vehicle. You can buy a car, rent a car, rent a camper, or rent a motorhome.