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Best Places to Stay in Tokyo, Japan

Posted on 19 July 2020 by marycimeni (0)

Are you travelling to Tokyo? Well, Tokyo is a favorite destination in Japan not because of the amazing cityscape it offers but also because it is a haven of wonderful spots everyone can go to. If you are in Tokyo, here are some of the best areas you can stay.


Shinjuko is as vibrant and colorful as you see on television. Neon lights, bustling streets, and lots of shops – these explain a lot about Shinjuko. You would definitely want to stay here if you want to be close to large shopping malls and affordable 100 yen shops. It also has a good variety of mid-range and affordable tourist hotels such as the APA Hotel and Hotel Sunlite. Some sights nearby include the Shinjuko Gyoen Park where you’ll find beautiful cherry blossoms and Shinjuku where you can sightsee Mount Fuji.


Many travelers are intimidated by Ginza since it is known for being a costly place to stay not to mention the luxury shopping malls and hotels. What you don’t know is that Ginza owns a fair share of cheap hotels such as The Quintessa Hotel and B Shimbashi. You can also shop at a popular bargain store called Don Quijote.

 Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is a great place to stay if you plan on having a stopover in Tokyo for a few days heading to other regional cities. Tokyo Station is the main transportation hub in Japan, which will bring you closer to the train station and the airport. Ironically, the station feels more like European than Japanese. Some great places to stay include Hotel Ryumeikan or The Tokyo Station Hotel which has easy access to the train station.  You’re definitely going to enjoy your stay at the Tokyo station.


 Shibuya is the university hub of Japan. Whereas Shinjuku offers local buildings and a working crowd, Shibuya has more students. What makes Shibuya a great place to stay is that it is near the airport and has easy access to the shopping center.  It is also home to some of the most affordable restaurants and hotels. Luxury hotels are also on the frontline such as the Dormy Inn or Shibuya Excel Hotel which will make the most of your money.  What makes Shibuya Excel hotel even more unique is that its twin rooms are huge for Tokyo’s standard and it has triple rooms.